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French Open - after win over Carlsson


Q. Barbara, is this difficult for you to concentrate on your next match considering that you beat Venus? 
A. No, this is not difficult. The last time, that I played, it was a difficult match. I knew that today, this would not be easy. Nevertheless, I think that I began well. In the second set, I lost a little my concentration, I was not offensive enough. It is why I lost the second set. 

Q. It gives you more confidence, considering the match that you played against Venus Williams the other day? 
A. It would be rather the opposite that would be astonishing! Yes, it is certain. 

Q. Who waits for you? To meet Plischke, your friend? 
A. For  to her win? I don't know. There is Sylvia that I met here three years ago but it is a good opportunity to advance to the fourth round. I am confident and I believe it