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US Open 1999 - after win over Singian

Q. How are you playing?

BARBARA SCHETT: I'm playing consistent at the moment. I lost this year twice in the first round. I am playing more consistent than the years before. That's why I'm ranked, I think.

Q. Do you have some keys to getting ready for a tournament so you don't lose that opening round match?

BARBARA SCHETT: The opening match or what? That I don't lose?

Q. You say you've only lost twice in the first round. A lot of players that come to a tournament are not ready.

BARBARA SCHETT: I wasn't ready at the tournaments that I lost. The first tournament I lost in Indian Wells where I lost I was sick before and I shouldn't have even played there. That was when I lost. And then, the last tournament in Stanford, I lost against Amy Frazier. That was my first hardcourt tournament and I always have problems when I change from claycourt to hardcourt. That's why I think preparation was just not good enough for the tournament. That's why I lost.

Q. Do you think Top Ten is reasonable for you this year?

BARBARA SCHETT: Yes, I think. I mean, I'm 12, No. 12 ranked now. Of course that's a big goal for me, to just break through into the Top Ten and it's just a couple of -- I mean it's just, I think, 150 or 200 points. That depends how the others play.

Q. In Europe, you're pretty well known. In America --

BARBARA SCHETT: I am? (Laughing.)

Q. You may be the best unknown player playing at this tournament.

BARBARA SCHETT: I have to do something crazy probably so people get to know me. (Laughing.)

Q. Do you do something crazy?


Q. Thank you very much.