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Wimbledon 2001-after win over Matevzic


Q. Is it overwhelming for you to suddenly play at Court No. 1 where all the stars is and also your popularity?
BARBARA SCHETT: Yeah, definitely. I mean, I was supposed to play at Court 18 at the beginning. They changed my court and I was really surprised that I was gonna play there.  Then, well, at the beginning I needed some time I think to get my rhythm since it was my first match on grass. Then I felt really comfortable and the crowd was behind me. So, yeah, I was feeling good at the end.

Q. Do you think it was because of your play they changed the court? Or do you think it was because of your popularity?
BARBARA SCHETT: Well, I don't know. Doesn't -- I don't really -- it doesn't really matter to me. For me, I'm standing out there, I want to win and it's great if people are supportive and cheer for me. If they cheer, why they cheer, I don't think about that actually. It's just nice that they are behind me.