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Zurich 2000 - after win over Tauziat


The match today was a little bit different to yesterday. The rallies were shorter, definitely, and I was just hanging in there today. I was feeling very tired when I got up, but I started to feel very good out there today. I knew that she was going to come in a lot and I played against her three or four times last year, so I knew how I had to play against her. I knew that the angles were very important, and the passing shots – yeah, I played some great shots.


I think she was getting frustrated, especially when I broke her in the third set. It was a tough call.  I don’t know how it was, that ball, but she really got very upset, and I took that advantage. I knew when I was sitting at the changeover. I thought “Now you have to take her, now is the time” and I did it.


After yesterday´s match I was very tired. You are more tired when you lose, and everything goes down. When you are still in you are motivated and you try your best. I was a little bit stiff at the beginning although I was leading 3-1, but you know, when the machine gets going, you don’t feel it any more, you just want to win and hang in there. Mentally I´m fresh – at the moment.