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I fancy Anna -who doesn't?


BARBARA ‘Babsi' Schett, the girl voted sexiest babe in tennis, has served up a shock to the hot-blooded guys flocking to see her at Wimbledon this week — she doesn't plan to date for FIVE YEARS!


And that's even after beating her good pal and doubles partner Anna Kournikova, right, into second place in a top magazine poll.


"I really thought that was a joke," admits Babsi, 25. "Anna's gorgeous. I mean, if I was a man I'd fancy her!"


But despite the vote, she's not that confident about her own looks. "My legs could be longer," she says. "My stomach's too fat. The best thing about me is my white teeth."


And romance is the last thing on the ice cool Austrian blonde's mind as she sets about 

making her mark on the sport's top tournament where she is ranked 21.


"I'm enjoying being single," she insists. "If it happens, it happens. But it's tough trying to have a relationship when you travel around all the time. So I think that's out for the next five years.


"And I'm always telling myself, ‘DON'T get involved with a tennis player!' When players date other players everyone on the circuit talks.


"Sure, the men are good-looking — but that's not the only thing. It's far more important to have inner values. I just want someone I can talk to and trust. But I wouldn't want him to be scruffy or have hair down to his elbows. And it's nice if they have a good butt!"


Despite playing hard-to-get this sexy single isn't short of ardent admirers.

Green-eyed Babsi giggles: "On my website men write crazy things.


"Someone sent me a necklace with a large black heart. He wrote, 'I'm sending you this as a sign of my love. Wear it for me when you play'. I just thought, 'Uh-uh, definitely NOT'.


"And men are always asking me to send them something I've worn on court. I can't think of anything worse than being sent one of my sweaty shirts — and no one's ever got one!"